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Why Web Development Is a Must for the Small Business

In today’s world, trade and services are facing huge challenges as several organizations are entering into the competition. The market of business has become quite competitive nowadays. Today, whether the business is big or small, the marketing always matters. In this world of advanced technology, the owners choose online marketing rather traditional marketing because it is convenient, less expensive, less time taking and draws more traffic to the business.

For a quick endorsement, most of the small business owners prefer a website of their own. A well decorated and attractive website is required to catch the eye of the viewers. Exclusiveness and proper presentation are the tools to stay forward of the opponents. Today, thousands of web development companies have established who ensure the proper design and development facilities to the owner. But before approaching any one of these companies, they should keep in mind that the web development services are quite beneficial for a small scale trade.

More Approachable
Several websites are flourishing in the internet almost every day. It is pretty difficult to find a specific website online. Small business owners always want to obtain more popularity to their website because it reaches more clients globally. Elegant decoration and optimized design helps to get more viewers to a site and ensure that they will stop at it at least for a few seconds. Nonetheless to say, an exclusive website always gets more viewers than a simple one.

All the big companies today had once started as a small scale organization. If anyone surveys the reason for which it has become so popular worldwide today is, its services and a comprehensive and well decorated website. Making a small business to a brand name mostly depends on the outlook of the site and on how much accessible it is to the viewers.

Increase in Ranking
Only a new entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to gain customers in the first few years. With the booming of digital marketing, obtaining more traffic to a website is needed for the betterment of its popularity. More clients mean more branding. But to get a good number of customers to the site, requires a good design and development. That is why, nowadays, many small businessmen prefer to approach to a web development company to create a unique website for increasing its ranking in the search engines.

Cost Efficiency
A well and good website is the core of the trade. To uphold a small business to a quality range, a perfect site is the major requirement. It helps to deteriorate the cost of the company which is quite advantageous for its growth.

7 Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is widely used by bloggers these days because it is super easy to use and it is free. Many of the small businesses these days use WordPress too for reaching out to a larger group of people. It is beneficial for the people who just don’t have enough time or money to own a website. Or, if you can spend a little money, you can easily get a domain name of your choice.

Let’s take a look as to why you should be using WordPress.

• It is Open Source. WordPress is self-hosted therefore there are no additional costs associated with downloading or upgrading. There are thousands of plugins available to install.

• It is highly customisable. One of the reasons why WordPress is mostly preferred is because it allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts. This flexible framework is definitely a big advantage.

• Designed for everyone. WordPress is designed for everyone and not just for the developers. It was developed by keeping in mind that everyone would be using it. And not every blogger is tech savvy. It is very easy to use and then there are many online written manuals available for you to easily learn how to use WordPress.

• It has lower maintenance cost. If you ever want to further customise or develop your website, it is relatively easier to find designers or developers for WordPress than others.

• WordPress is Search Engine friendly. WordPress was made to be Search Engine friendly. So, it automatically solves a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) issues.

• WordPress is popular. Considering all the features that WordPress provides and how easy it is to use, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most popular web publishing systems. There are thousands of professional quality themes and plugins available making it popular amongst web designers and bloggers.

• WordPress is mobile web friendly too. There has been a major increase in the number of people surfing the Internet through smartphones and tablets. It’s not surprising as almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. Many WordPress themes are designed to be mobile friendly thereby making your website more user-friendly as readers won’t be challenged to use the website on their smartphone.

Considering all the reasons above, WordPress is definitely one of the best web publishing systems to use. No doubt it is the most used one too. It is one of the important things to remember.

Essential Benefits of Upgrading Your Website to the Latest Version of DNN

Keeping your website updated is imperative, as it is your crucial asset for the business and helps you to remain competitive in the market. Though choosing the perfect CMS can surely make a difference in your site, but upgrading it to the latest version and integrating new modules of features can help it to stand the test of time and offer the customers the services that they need. Choosing an extensible, flexible and robust CMS framework presents numerous key benefits to both the developers and stakeholders. DotNetNuke or DNN is such a platform that helps to extend the capabilities of the website and offer additional benefits. An open source platforms always makes it easy for the developers to continue to expand, integrate and update it quickly and DNN is the best option when it comes to security, integration, support system and upgradation.

A recent survey has stated that businesses with creative or Hi-tech websites have attained great conversion rates than the companies that had no online image. So, businesses need to switch towards creating attractive, functional and upgraded websites in order to retain customers and of course gain an extra edge over the competitors.

Here are some reasons why you should select DotNetNuke upgradation for your business website.

Support the latest features and functionalities: Earlier, businesses were utilizing traditional CMS that were not capable of changing or upgrading according to the changing business needs and their services that the companies offered. But with the introduction of the latest CMSs like DNN, the issue has been completely resolved. With easy upgradation facilities, companies can now look to create websites that offer the latest features and ensure that the site is compatible with their latest services. Third party modules of DNN can be extremely powerful for business of all sizes and email marketing, user management, advertisement management, multilingual ability can help marketing and IT teams to manage their websites effectively.

Ecommerce integration: You can now easily convert your PSD to DNN skins and upgrade your site. This will help your site to be highly compatible for ecommerce integration as it would provide easy shopping facilities to the customers and ensure increased sales and higher profits and returns. DNN migration offers competitive advantage and allows the customers to make direct transactions with the site.

Unmatched security: DNN offers extremely thorough security and upgrading to a newer version will help the administrators of the site to enjoy full control of who has access to what files. This will make it easy to share confidential files safely and enhance the security of the site.

Module development and third party integration: DNN development experts can easily create and modify your existing modules for your website so that it meets the unique business requirements. This helps the site owners to enjoy the maximum benefits of DNN functionality by creating high end scalable custom modules.

User friendly site: DNN migration or integration allows the business owners to create user friendly sites that are highly navigable and at the same time easy to operate. Such websites are usually highly appreciated by the visitors who look for a convenient means to gain information on services and products. DNN upgradation helps to attain higher conversion rates for the business.

Boost the Productivity of Your Website With WordPress Plugins

When it began in 2003, WordPress was just a “blogging platform”. Then, what led to its engrossing popularity? What made WordPress the top choice or Website developers? Since its release, WordPress has been evolving with each passing day. It has been working over the years to improve its interface, functionalities, and services. Among its various commendable moves it has been making towards improvisation, one of the biggest was to offering WP plug-ins to the users. To remind you, plug-ins are the tools that allow users to add certain additional functionalities to their existing websites, making them more productive. Let us have a look at the key benefits of using WordPress plug-ins to build your websites:

Enhanced Security

Since WordPress is an Open-Source platform where professionals from across the world work altogether, data security was the first concern of users. Thanks to the various WordPress plugins that ensure complete security today. The idea behind years of IT security has culminated into one unique plugin, ‘Security Ninja’. It is a plugin that secures both the developer’s as well as their client’s information creating a secure online experience.

Booking and Email Forms

While WordPress is a direct rival to Blogger, it has taken up the crown with its widget functionality. There are certain WordPress plugins out there allowing webmasters create email and booking forms without coding. This is great for small businesses wanting to build a user-friendly platform for their customers to render their information.

Effective SEO

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the only platform to offer the maximum numbers of marketing plugins. With a plethora of SEO plugins to choose from, it offers a distinct advantage. This is because SEO is today the most powerful tool for any website or blog to retain its online presence. So, if you want your website to be viewed and reviewed by a large number of visitors, equip your website with WordPress SEO plugins to increase your search engine rankings.

Increased Support

WordPress is a real advantage for those who run e-commerce or product sales business. With the Live Chat plugin for WordPress, you can interact and discuss issues with your customers in real time. Customers love it when they get the opportunity to talk to a real person. So, if you to build long-term, reliable relationship with your customers, add the live chat feature to your website.

Social Media Sharing

WordPress offers the easiest format to install SM plugins allowing you to add social media buttons to your websites. This provides users a way to share your content on their social media channels, which further helps you in enhancing your brand recognition. So, if you want to expand your brand awareness and customer base, you need to have easily accessible share buttons on your WordPress sites.


The iOS/Phone App Development Process

Presently, the number of mobile users has increased unlike before. It’s because of the growing technology and the lack of time tech-savvies are more into checking the apps on their smartphones more than the desktop websites on their PCs or laptops. Besides Android, Windows, BB etc, iOS has also made a cult of its own. The Apple product users have to depend on the iPhone apps that are built for the iOS exclusively.

Today, iPhone is the hottest and the most expensive mobile handsets for its sophisticated technology and impressive designs. The iOS apps have opened a new horizon in the eCommerce business. Gamers are also happy to get the support on their iPhone. The apps are now lucrative tools for launching new products, games and movies in the market going gaga over the fresh apps.

Here, a few steps are discussed that are usually followed by the people on the verge of developing iOS apps-

A Great Idea

The process of iOS/iPhone App development is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Hence, if you are intending to develop such an app for the iPhone or Mac users, you need to have a mind blowing idea first. The app should be attractive, user-friendly, spiced up with all the ingredients to compete with the existing competitors in the market right now. It should be simple yet amazing and the flow of the pages should be smooth so that the users enjoy the 100% UI.


The first impression is the last impression! In the case of an iPhone app, there is no one ready to compromise. You have to strategize the designing and the content in such as way that the users don’t find a loophole to leave to lose interest in a few hours and delete it. Hence, you have to apply the master techniques and designers for the designing part and you need superb developers that can be trusted to do their job flawlessly.

Get the best team!

If you are not going to DIY the iOS/iPhone app development, then you need a master designer and a developer for accomplishing your idea of developing the app for the iPhone users. If it’s for a game or any eCommerce business- let the designer and the developer have a clear idea about the plan. Share each and every feature you want the app to be made. Transparency is required for the perfect execution of the plan flawlessly.

Make sure that if you are targeting 100% UI and UX then you need killer designs. Hence, look for an extremely talented and experienced designer that can also add more ideas in your idea so that together the app can be a huge success.

Get a developer available 24/7. Web developers have a 24/7 job and for the apps, you never know when the users face any glitch! Rather receiving negative comments, it’s suggested to keep an eye on the app so that you may not lose traffic and get more conversions.

These are some of the most effective steps of an iOS/iPhone app development process.

Tips To Choosing The Right Website Maintenance Service Provider

The most essential factor for every business today is having a website that customers can visit and find information, check for services and make purchase from. It doesn’t matter if your customers are consumers or other businesses; people today have started to develop a habit of researching products, services, companies, and potential vendors online before they decide to make purchase.

Moreover, with the abundance of smartphones and tablets, most users make their purchases online. Luckily, building your website doesn’t need to be too expensive, or complicated as along as it is well thought-out and are complying with the guides that most search engine has today.

Finally building your company’s website, you just know that this is going to be the thing to take your business to new heights. However, after the painstaking process of planning and choosing the right layout and design for your website comes the maintenance. Maintaining a website includes myriad of things you need to accomplish such as writing blog posts, updating social streams, finding images and updating content.

This can take a lot of your time and effort. Luckily, there are companies that provide complete web design services. Professionals provide the following tips on how to choose a website maintenance service.

Knowing your needs – Prior to looking for the right company to work with in maintaining your website, it is important to understand fully what your business needs. In order to know and understand your current needs, ask yourself the following questions:

· Am I spending too much time in my website rather than growing my business?

· How easy are the changes I wish to implement will be, and how easy will I be able to submit it?

· Will this company help me with my SEO needs?

The company should have all you need – the thing you need most or your specific needs are the top priority. While these specific needs are the priority, an excellent website maintenance company can provide you with a few more services.

Know what you need and what you are looking for – knowing what you are looking for in a website maintenance company will make things a lot easier on your side. This is because if your browse to website maintenance companies, they offer virtually the same services.

The key to choosing the right company is to find the company that fits you. As someone in the business industry, you should understand that a well-defined goal is the key to success.