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Several Ways to Make Money Free Apps

Give It Away, give It Away, give It Away Now


I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails and questions about a topic widely ignored – how free apps to make money? It deserves attention considering that the free application clearly trump paid in terms of the number of downloads. The trick is to find ways to take advantage of the new user.

Di newLine you can learn more.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to create an app and make money ?


  1. Freemium Upsell


This requires to have a second version of a paid app. Usually you will see this as a “Lite” and “Regular” or “HD” version of the app, paired together. Free apps will have a link that users can click that pushed them into the iTunes store on their phone.


This sort of feeder system – users can download the free application and get a sense of what you are offering, then they can easily purchase the full version (which will have many more functions and play the game.)


  1. In-App Purchases


In-app purchases allow users to unlock features or buy more of something, maybe coins in games like Tap Zoo or gold in games like Infinity Blade. In fact, 6 of the 10 best-selling applications in 2011 are free – they were able to use in-app purchases so well that they drove millions of dollars in sales, although the application is free.


In-app purchases can also be a subscription if you are in the market news feed. Apple Newsstand function in order to allow you to set up in-app purchases will automatically fill each month.


  1. Ads


The second largest ad network that iAds and AdMob – the first Apple and Google into the second. I’ve talked to many developers and most agree that iAds pay is better. Usually it is small enough CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is below a dollar and CPC (cost per click), which can be a few dollars.


I did a quick experiment with open source tic tac toe game basis to see if it will make money with advertising. I skinned applications with Zombies and other strange things to see if I can get some downloads. I have installed the iAd framework and allow it. Since I was released, I had 157 downloads have translated to $ 1.88.


You might think they are small numbers, but actually they are not terrible. For other games I get several hundred downloads per day and making zero money sometimes. Some make $ 120 per day. It all depends on your ads get served and the number of people who clicked.


  1. Networks CPI (Cost Per Install)


Cost-per-install marketing mechanism is relatively new and is equivalent to the mobile phone CPA (cost per acquisition) in the world of web marketing. CPI is exactly what it sounds like – you pay per install you get. This example is Playhaven and Chartboost – they are third parties who have the software you install into your application.


I’ve talked to several networks about their prices and it ranges from $ 0.80- $ 3.00. This means that if you want to promote your app, you will pay this amount every time Playhaven someon installing your game.


It really works become a better deal than most developers are reported to the ad network (often reported CTR of 0.3% with CPI translates into $ 15). $ 3 is less than $ 15. Rocket science.


On the other hand, I get about $ 1 per install through Playhaven. So – the developers want to promote their applications and will pay $ 3 to have new users install it on their devices.


  1. Sponsorship


Sponsorship is a great way to make money in your free apps. The money was in front and you get a brand credibility with your audience.


Bids usually goes like this: You approach a company and say “I have an idea of this application, I have a plan, etc and I will be a white label for $ XXX.”




“I built this app a few months ago and had 50,000 downloads. I will be updating the graphics with your brand for $ XXX”


Etc. It can take a bit of time to get the right people and the company’s forward thinking enough to realize how powerful mobile platform, but it can work.


What is more interesting than the sponsorship money is their marketing horsepower. They most likely have a website with good traffic, email newsletters, and social media. If they sponsor your application, chances are they will be happy to promote it for you. It was a great value.

to more clearly you can to Newline


Importance Of Web Design In Content Marketing

If web designing is the soul of your website, content marketing without it is like a body without a soul. It matters a lot because of a number of reasons that are described below in this article. It is the silent promoter of your brand that gives you great benefits. The design is very much important to marketers in every sense and basically, it is the main key to success that you need a lot. If content is like salt in your dish, web designing is what your dish all about. To know more about its importance, scroll down and take a look below.

Grab Attention: One of the common reasons why web designing is important in content marketing is that it helps to grab the attention of the visitors. A great design is transparent that help to reflect your motives to your clients and give them a reason to visit your website. It adds value to your content marketing strategy and catches the eyes of the visitors.

To Make The First Impression: Another reason you need web designing for getting results from your content marketing strategy is that it helps to make your first impression on the visitor’s mind. This is because content captures the mind, but a cool design with great stuff can catch the mind and heart of the visitors and keep them on your website for a longer time.

Help To Measure Your Progress: Whether you are a small organization or a big brand, web designing is important for your business because it helps to measure your progress. Content marketing is incomplete without it, so you should include it in your strategy to get effective results.

Reduce The Chances Of Getting Lost In The Feed: Needless to say, web designing increase the time people stay on your website. In the absence of this, content marketing lost in the feed and attract only half of the customers.

All in all, web designing is important in content marketing and all above mentioned points are enough to prove it. So, you should also understand its value and take benefit from it before it is too late and your competitors take your customers away. What are you waiting for? Go and hire talented web designers or consult a reputed website designing company for any professional help that work as the ladder of your success that too within your stipulated budget.

Website Usability Checklist – Must Have Things for Your Website

Even a neatly designed website without elements like- ease of navigation, great call to action prompts and a specific purpose, will not help much in terms of generating traffic on the same. The usability aspect of a website is an important consideration alongside its design elements to get more user engaging sessions on the same.

The following things will surely help you to create a highly engaging website:

A website should be easy to navigate

Nothing beats a good navigation system. What a good navigation system does is that it invites users to take a walk around your website and which is exactly how you engage online users on your website. So, be sure to provide a good navigation system even if you need to adjust the design of your website to make way for a user focussed navigation system. A good navigation system can actually take your uses where they want them to be.

Placement of content is very important

The most important piece of information that you would like your users to notice should be upfront while rest of the details can come little down on the page. Users purposefully come on your site for specific information and may not like much if it is not there. So, you need to make sure that you put all the important stuff that they are seeking in their very first view or else they will not waste their time on whatever else you have.

Your content should provide the information what users are seeking for

Keep in mind that users are information driven and the information provided through your website should be in line with what they are seeking for. So, you be amply sure to provide your users with the ‘Information’ for which they stumbled upon your website. This will give them confidence about your offerings and in turn help your website to become an authentic source of information.

Should have great call to action elements in place

The information rich content will bring verified users to your website and here you need to make sure that their presence count for you. In order to take your users to a meaningful conclusion you need to appropriately place various ‘call to actions’ prompts/buttons on your website so that they can take an affirmative action whether it is signing up for services or weekly newsletter or they merely want to know more about you etc. Without great call to action elements in place, you’re just doing half the stuff and may be missing out on the very objective of your website.

5 Skills Which Every Web Designer Should Master

Art and science go hand-in-hand if we talk about web design. Basically, web design is divided into two halves i.e. first half being the intense knowledge of coding and design know-how, other half is absolutely based on the intuition, what looks good and what not. Doesn’t matter if you are starting your career in interface designing or wishing to become a professional web developer, you must develop a strong foundation of core skills and fundamentals to stand out of the pack!

But, what these skills are and how do you own these skills? Well, these fundamentals do not appear overnight. Let’s talk about various skills every interface creator should possess to reach sublime levels and to master them:

  • Sense of Design

Creativity comes from within, it can’t be learned or understood! Before even thinking about becoming an interactive designer or web developer, you should try to find that whether you are creative enough to create and have a good sense of designs. Design is a vast module in which you should be aware of the basic principles of design, typography, layout, color, flow, spacing, how to use pictures and much more. It’s a smart idea for any interactive expert to have basic knowledge of principles of designing!

  • HTML on Your Finger Tips

The foundation of every website is coding and the language used worldwide for coding is our very own Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. Different interface experts have different mindsets i.e. some of the interactive designers seem to think that it’s not important to know coding while others are obstinate that to know coding is the basic need for every genuine interface developer or creator. At the very least, every accomplished web expert should know the basics of HTML.

  • Capability of Creating Stellar Copy

One step ahead towards a great interface expert is to have the skills of writing unique and promising copy. In today’s market, knowing how to write effective and informative copy is an unbeatable asset as there are fewer interface designers who possess this skill. Being an interactive designer, you will be able to do marketing of your services without any difficulty.

  • Keen Interest for Learning New Trends

There is always a learning curve for anything you want to learn! If you are passionate enough about designing websites, then only you can learn new things. The main reason behind consistent learning is the fact that the industry keeps on developing new trends of designing like currently, Material Design is in fashion. Always be open to new styles and trends of designing and you will become the well-rounded expert.

  • Great Listening Power

Since you work with clients day and night, you should learn to listen and not just you have to listen but because you want to listen. It is quite beneficial for your career as it helps you build a lifetime quality and it will make you a professional and attentive web designer.

Turnoffs That Keep Customers Away From Your Website

Customers are the king of the marketplace and it takes so long to find and satisfied their need and only seconds to lose them. If you are an online marketer, so, their attention and satisfaction matter for the success of your business. However, to attract them to your website you need to give them a relevant reason and sometimes when you fail to give so they get disappointed and move to any other website. It is important to know all turnoffs that keep them away from your website, so, you can find a solution to deal with it. Take a look to know more.

Poor Loading Speed: One of the common things that take away your clients from your website is its poor loading speed. This is because, a customer never waits more than 2-3 seconds to load the page and if your website takes too long to respond, so, they get frustrated and move to any new option available on the internet. Thus, it is highly recommended to take as many and effective steps as possible to solve this issue shortly.

Excess Pop Up Ads: Another thing on your website that takes away your customer is excess popup ads. These ads pop up on every single click and annoy the customers while visiting your website. So, you should eliminate this as quickly as you can before your customers shift to your competitors.

Auto-Play Ads: This is the worst thing that turns off your visitors away from your website because it not only affects their experience but also consume their lots of data. Therefore, you should create a control on them, so, your customer can easily visit your website without facing any such issue.

Poor Navigation: Navigation of your website work as the road map for your visitor. It leads them the right way to reach the page they want to. So, you should improve it anyhow. This is because poor navigation not only takes away customers but also put your business at a loss.

No Blog: No blog means no content, which disappoint your visitors and they have left no reason to stay on your website anymore. This is because Content adds value to your work and gives your customer a reason to stay on it for a long time. So, you should create a blog now.

The list never ends here; there are many other factors you need to consider. For professional assistance contact an SEO Company that solves your website related issues and helps you to maintain your image in the market.

Benefits to Get With a Professional Website Design Company

Websites are important today as they give businesses an edge in the digital world. Your online performance will depend on the kind of website you have. Therefore, you should not take risk with the site and trust only an expert to get a quality website and reap rich rewards over the internet. There are many companies that claim to deliver top class results with web design and development yet most of them fail to live up to the lofty and tall claims. You should rather hire a company whose credentials are established in the space of web design so that the best results are achieved with ease.

But the question is, what is basically a high quality website? Well, the site has to be easy to read and it should never confuse its visitors ever. Images and content should have proper formatting and they should come good on readability quotient as well. Similarly, navigation must be easy and visitors should find menus or icons to navigate further in the site. Good sites are those that deliver consistency in look no matter on which device they are seen. Be it mobile, tablet or laptop, visitors should get a uniform look and feel of the site. And this is only possible with mobile-friendly responsive design.

Further, only good websites are quick to load and only they can deliver superior user experience. To boost the loading speed of the site, developers need to work upon elements as varied as CSS, images and graphics and get the desired result. There should not be any dead link in the site and 301 status must be attributed to any redirect. Similarly, the site is supposed to have contact form so that visitors don’t find trouble in contacting the business. Likewise, the site should be browser compatible it can be accessed by using any browser of choice.

In addition, good websites are those that are friendly to search engines and this is only possible when both design and development elements are fitted keeping SEO in mind. This is the only way to boost the site’s visibility on the internet and give it a superior ranking in search engines. Search form should be present in the site to let visitors find any piece of information without having to visit the entire site. The home page should be free from any clutter and information should be divided equally on to pages. Further, there should be FAQs on the site to help quell doubts of users with ease.

All this is only possible when you have a top professional website design company by your side. Such a company is often aware about the latest trends in web technology to enrich your website with all the relevant features. This is the only way to enhance the performance of your business online and realize its goals with ease. So, trust only experts when it comes to designing and developing your website as they ensure quality. And without quality, having a website hardly makes any difference to your brand value.

Top Qualities To Consider When Choosing Motion Backgrounds For Your Use

Motion backgrounds are visually attractive and very appealing to look at and they can transform your website or any other setting you need to use them on. Just like the name suggests, they are backgrounds that have motion in them and they could be made up of patterns that continually move. If you have great designs and attractive content, these backgrounds make the perfect choices to the traditional ones. The good news about them is that you can actually find free motion backgrounds to download for your use online. But then what qualities should you look out for when choosing the best for your use?

1. Simplicity and elegance

These backgrounds are designed to highlight content and features of a website or any other kind of display. You therefore should choose a design that is simple to the eye, yet one that is still elegant enough to keep the content interesting. The last thing you want to do is to take content importance away and hence as much as the background is attractive is should still manage to keep attention on the main concept. It is best that you stick to designs which are eye pleasing yet keep the content readable and meaningful.

2. Modernity and crispness

Visually pleasing is what your motion background ought to be and you will find very good current design trends to make your display stand out. Stay away from the usual themes and instead look out for modern and clean designs that fit into your desired style. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you definitely will find one that is modern and clean enough to match your preferences and make your display stand out.

3. Color vibrancy

The background you choose should come alive when you project them and only those in rich, vibrant colors will manage to do so. If you are using the backgrounds for your website, then select colors that are in relation to the content. The font style you have used can help you make the right color selections with a good tip being selecting dark motion backgrounds for white colored text. The rule in color is to make sure that it works for the design and content and does not end up being distractive to the eyes.

4. Compatibility with devices

Backgrounds especially used in websites should be carefully selected so they are compatible with any kind of device the audiences decide to use. The motion background that you choose should remain appealing and pleasant on laptops, desktops, tablets and even smartphones. The size of the device should not in any way create a viewer experience that is unpleasant. Be sure to go with what creates a pleasant experience for all users across the board and keeps your content relevant.

5. Seamless animations

Animations are powerful but then again, you must ensure there is perfect balance so your content does not end up getting distorted. The animations you select should be engaging and innovative and should be designed to loop perfectly without making the loop too obvious. Seamless animation that repeats infinitely without the audience knowing it looped improves visibility and appeal.

Why Web Development Is a Must for the Small Business

In today’s world, trade and services are facing huge challenges as several organizations are entering into the competition. The market of business has become quite competitive nowadays. Today, whether the business is big or small, the marketing always matters. In this world of advanced technology, the owners choose online marketing rather traditional marketing because it is convenient, less expensive, less time taking and draws more traffic to the business.

For a quick endorsement, most of the small business owners prefer a website of their own. A well decorated and attractive website is required to catch the eye of the viewers. Exclusiveness and proper presentation are the tools to stay forward of the opponents. Today, thousands of web development companies have established who ensure the proper design and development facilities to the owner. But before approaching any one of these companies, they should keep in mind that the web development services are quite beneficial for a small scale trade.

More Approachable
Several websites are flourishing in the internet almost every day. It is pretty difficult to find a specific website online. Small business owners always want to obtain more popularity to their website because it reaches more clients globally. Elegant decoration and optimized design helps to get more viewers to a site and ensure that they will stop at it at least for a few seconds. Nonetheless to say, an exclusive website always gets more viewers than a simple one.

All the big companies today had once started as a small scale organization. If anyone surveys the reason for which it has become so popular worldwide today is, its services and a comprehensive and well decorated website. Making a small business to a brand name mostly depends on the outlook of the site and on how much accessible it is to the viewers.

Increase in Ranking
Only a new entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to gain customers in the first few years. With the booming of digital marketing, obtaining more traffic to a website is needed for the betterment of its popularity. More clients mean more branding. But to get a good number of customers to the site, requires a good design and development. That is why, nowadays, many small businessmen prefer to approach to a web development company to create a unique website for increasing its ranking in the search engines.

Cost Efficiency
A well and good website is the core of the trade. To uphold a small business to a quality range, a perfect site is the major requirement. It helps to deteriorate the cost of the company which is quite advantageous for its growth.

7 Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is widely used by bloggers these days because it is super easy to use and it is free. Many of the small businesses these days use WordPress too for reaching out to a larger group of people. It is beneficial for the people who just don’t have enough time or money to own a website. Or, if you can spend a little money, you can easily get a domain name of your choice.

Let’s take a look as to why you should be using WordPress.

• It is Open Source. WordPress is self-hosted therefore there are no additional costs associated with downloading or upgrading. There are thousands of plugins available to install.

• It is highly customisable. One of the reasons why WordPress is mostly preferred is because it allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts. This flexible framework is definitely a big advantage.

• Designed for everyone. WordPress is designed for everyone and not just for the developers. It was developed by keeping in mind that everyone would be using it. And not every blogger is tech savvy. It is very easy to use and then there are many online written manuals available for you to easily learn how to use WordPress.

• It has lower maintenance cost. If you ever want to further customise or develop your website, it is relatively easier to find designers or developers for WordPress than others.

• WordPress is Search Engine friendly. WordPress was made to be Search Engine friendly. So, it automatically solves a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) issues.

• WordPress is popular. Considering all the features that WordPress provides and how easy it is to use, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most popular web publishing systems. There are thousands of professional quality themes and plugins available making it popular amongst web designers and bloggers.

• WordPress is mobile web friendly too. There has been a major increase in the number of people surfing the Internet through smartphones and tablets. It’s not surprising as almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. Many WordPress themes are designed to be mobile friendly thereby making your website more user-friendly as readers won’t be challenged to use the website on their smartphone.

Considering all the reasons above, WordPress is definitely one of the best web publishing systems to use. No doubt it is the most used one too. It is one of the important things to remember.

Essential Benefits of Upgrading Your Website to the Latest Version of DNN

Keeping your website updated is imperative, as it is your crucial asset for the business and helps you to remain competitive in the market. Though choosing the perfect CMS can surely make a difference in your site, but upgrading it to the latest version and integrating new modules of features can help it to stand the test of time and offer the customers the services that they need. Choosing an extensible, flexible and robust CMS framework presents numerous key benefits to both the developers and stakeholders. DotNetNuke or DNN is such a platform that helps to extend the capabilities of the website and offer additional benefits. An open source platforms always makes it easy for the developers to continue to expand, integrate and update it quickly and DNN is the best option when it comes to security, integration, support system and upgradation.

A recent survey has stated that businesses with creative or Hi-tech websites have attained great conversion rates than the companies that had no online image. So, businesses need to switch towards creating attractive, functional and upgraded websites in order to retain customers and of course gain an extra edge over the competitors.

Here are some reasons why you should select DotNetNuke upgradation for your business website.

Support the latest features and functionalities: Earlier, businesses were utilizing traditional CMS that were not capable of changing or upgrading according to the changing business needs and their services that the companies offered. But with the introduction of the latest CMSs like DNN, the issue has been completely resolved. With easy upgradation facilities, companies can now look to create websites that offer the latest features and ensure that the site is compatible with their latest services. Third party modules of DNN can be extremely powerful for business of all sizes and email marketing, user management, advertisement management, multilingual ability can help marketing and IT teams to manage their websites effectively.

Ecommerce integration: You can now easily convert your PSD to DNN skins and upgrade your site. This will help your site to be highly compatible for ecommerce integration as it would provide easy shopping facilities to the customers and ensure increased sales and higher profits and returns. DNN migration offers competitive advantage and allows the customers to make direct transactions with the site.

Unmatched security: DNN offers extremely thorough security and upgrading to a newer version will help the administrators of the site to enjoy full control of who has access to what files. This will make it easy to share confidential files safely and enhance the security of the site.

Module development and third party integration: DNN development experts can easily create and modify your existing modules for your website so that it meets the unique business requirements. This helps the site owners to enjoy the maximum benefits of DNN functionality by creating high end scalable custom modules.

User friendly site: DNN migration or integration allows the business owners to create user friendly sites that are highly navigable and at the same time easy to operate. Such websites are usually highly appreciated by the visitors who look for a convenient means to gain information on services and products. DNN upgradation helps to attain higher conversion rates for the business.